Private Wine Tastings.
Without the pretension.

Private Tastings start at
only $40 per person.

We bring the party to you
or choose a location.

Let Your Wine Exploration Begin

We believe that if wine is approached with an open mind, there are no “beginners” or “experts”. Our tastings are curated for wine lovers whose senses crave adventure.

Let’s Gush About Wine…Together

Don't be shy! Come on over to our blog and participate in the discussion. We learn something new about wine every single day and we're dying to share.

Seriously. Enough Talk. Let’s Drink.

Picture this. A night in with people you genuinely believe don't suck. Sipping on damn delicious wine while learning in a high-spirited, pretension-free atmosphere.

Vino For The People

This is our declaration. Our promise to you.

To explore and savor the world of wine together with a fearless and enthusiastic curiosity.

Vino For the People is a way of experiencing, loving on, bantering about, and sipping down the gorgeousness that is grape made liquid.

We craft low-key, pretension-free, and high-spirited wine experiences to help people discover what makes their tastebuds sing. Every tasting is purposefully curated for wine lovers whose senses crave adventure.

And never forget: YOU are the only expert on the wine you choose to imbibe. All that we require are eager mouths to taste, curious noses to sniff, and open minds to learn.